Monday, 3 September 2012

My Weekly Wishlist #1

I thought that I would start doing weekly posts to show you guys what I've been lusting after, so let me know what you think of the items and if you have any of them yourself!

1. ASOS Panda Watch 2. MAC Shy Girl Lipstick (picture found here) 3. Topshop Petite Leigh Jeans 4. eBay Skull Top 5. Topshop Alvin Boots

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lush Retread Conditioner | Review

Having previously tried the Lush American Cream conditioner and been less than impressed with it – I thought I’d give Retread a go as it seemed to be more suited to my hair type (thick and at times, quite dry). Lush promise that retread is a ‘heavy weight’ conditioner and that it will “be there for you in times of trouble”. So far I have used the conditioner a handful of times so, does it live up to what it says on the pot?

For £9.95 you get 245g of product, which to someone who doesn't spend a lot on their hair seems quite expensive, but of course I purchased it anyway as I am a huge fan of Lush and the majority of their products. My first impression when opening the pot was that the smell, although not entirely unpleasant, wasn't the usual type I go for. Personally I am a huge fan of sweet vanilla and fruity scents and Retread is probably as far away from that as possible - being strong and musky. However, that really isn't that much of a problem for me as I find that products don't tend to leave a scent in my hair.

After shampooing my hair as normal I took about half a handful of product, and used it to coat the ends of my hair. If your roots aren't particularly oily then you could use the conditioner all over as an intensive hair mask. Lush do not specify whether Retread needs to be left on for a specific amount of time so I left it for two to three minutes just to let it soak in. This is what I do with all conditioners as my ends are bleached and therefore, relatively dry!

The product didn't feel as thick as some conditioners I've tried - but it definitely felt as though it was thick enough to actually work, plus it didn't make my hair feel heavy and greasy as it can do when I use some other conditioners. When my hair was fully dry, my hair felt renewed, baby soft and looked noticeably less frizzy. My hair is extremely bushy and difficult to tame so I am very impressed with the way Retread has performed. I was also happy to see that Retread has a year until it reaches it's sell by date. In the past I have tried to use Lush products that have been out of date and let me tell you, they really do go off, so it's great to see that I have a long time to use this one as a lot of their products go off within a few months!

So, would I repurchase? Yes! Retread is a good conditioner and certainly makes a difference to the way my hair looks and feels. At £9.95 it certainly isn't cheap but I feel with some things you get what you pay for, and Retread is definitely a treat for the hair. The musky scent really isn't my cup of tea but that is something that can be overlooked as the product itself works wonders! I would recommend this to anyone who has dry or damaged hair and remember - you can always try before you buy with Lush products as the shop assistants are always happy to hand out samples!

Have you tried Retread? If you have, what do you think of it? And if not, do you think you're going to give it a go?